High Performance Driving School

We typically run two High Performance Driving Schools each year. These are usually held at the Streets of Willow which is part of the Willow Spring International Raceway complex in Rosamond, CA. Classes are provided in:

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The High Performance Street Driving class is a chance to test the limits of your vehicle and yourself in a safe, structured and supervised environment. No flashing lights, no tickets, no worries! In addition to having a great time, you will be learning the skills that can keep you safe on the highways and roads. You will have class time, skidpad exercises (a great experience in learning car control) and a lot of track time. This is the perfect class for young drivers, so to all of you parents out there that are worried about your child's driving skills, sign 'em up today! They will learn a lot, meet new people, and have fun too! The entry requirements are the same as those for Novice Run Group.

The Novice Time Trials class is the next step in your continuing driver training experience. You learn how to take the basic techniques learned in the Street Performance class, expand on them and refine them to prepare you for Time Trialing. Here you will also learn more about vehicle set-up and preparation fort the big tracks like Willow Springs, Buttonwillow, Las Vegas and Laguna Seca. The entry requirements are the same as those for Intermediate Run Group.

The Advanced Time Trials class is geared toward the experienced Time Trialer (No beginners please!) This class is for the serious TT driver who wants to shave a few tenths off his/her lap times. We'll work on mechanical tweaks, technique and mental strategies to help you drive a better prepared car, with better control, and do it smarter with less wear and tear on your car! There will also be in-depth seminars designed to help you find the fastest possible line with detailed instruction to help you with driving techniques to get every 10th possible! The entry requirements are the same as those for Advanced Run Group.

The Road Racing class is for you if you are an experienced Time Trialer and want to start wheel-to-wheel racing. It is also very useful if you are already race qualified and want to learn more about racing strategy, passing techniques or if just want to increase your experience with starts and get instructor tips and critiques. The entry requirements are the same as those for Race Group.

Each group includes time in the classroom, on the skidpad and on the track. If you have any specific questions about High Performance Driving Schools, please contact our Director of Instruction. To get on the mailing list for our Driving Schools and Track Events, contact our Registration Director.

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