Novice Run Group

 Drivers Who Belongs Here

This group is for novice drivers with less than 10 track days experience, or the slowest cars. Classroom sessions are included at no cost.

 Track Procedures

Passing is allowed only on specified straights and only with a point-by. The passing procedure details will be explained in the mandatory classroom sessions.

Novice drivers may compete in the Time Trials if they wish.

 Vehicle Safety Equipment

Driver Restraint: Factory seat belts (3-point minimum) in good condition are required. Five- or 6-point harnesses are highly recommended.
Roll Bars: Open cars (convertibles) must be equipped with rollover protection. Factory rollover protection or aftermarket roll bars are acceptable as long as they pass the " Broomstick Test". If factroy rollover protection is built into the top, it must be in place while the car is on track. Also, aftermarket bars must incorporate a structural cross brace.
Fire Protection: Fire Extinguishers are not required but are recommended for Solo.

 Personal Safety Equipment

Safety Helmet: Snell SA2010/M2010 (or newer) approved. DOT rated helmets are not acceptable.
Eye Protection: Helmet face shield or glasses (sun glasses are OK).
Clothing: Non-synthetic/natural fiber clothing, long sleeves, long pants (no shorts, no dresses).
Gloves: Non-perforated, leather or fireproof material (leather garden gloves are OK).
Shoes: Full coverage shoes (no sandals).