Race Run Group

 On-Track Procedures

This is a wheel-to-wheel "club racing" group. Passing is allowed anywhere and at any time except when track flags prohibit it. All starts will be rolling starts. Car-to-car contact, however, is not acceptable and will be handled using a modified "13/13 Rule". Entrants who run in this group without a transponder, will be considered "run-for-fun" entries they and will not be scored. Please be advised that we will not accept aggressive driving in our events. Any incidents which involve car-to-car contact will be dealt with harshly.

If you have not raced with AROSC-HPD in the reasonably recent past, please contact our Race Director.

 Vehicle Safety Requirements

Driver Restraint: An SFI 16.1 or, FIA 8853/98 or 8854/98 (with homologation numbers C-xxx.T98 or D-xxx.T98) rated driver restraint system is required. These are all 5- or 6-point harness systems. They must be mounted according to the manufacturer's specifications. The restraint system must be current and in good condition.
Roll Cages: Cross braced 6-point roll cages are required in all cars. Our Safety Director may make an exception for vinatge cars but you will have to contact him for approal.
Fire Extinguisher: A 2.5 lb BC automotive fire extinguisher mounted within reach of the driver is required.
Window Net/Arm Restraints: Closed cars must be equipped with a window net; arm restraints may be used as a substitute. Arm restraints are required in open cars.
Seat: One piece race seat, FIA rated and within its expiration date. If it is not within date, it must have a seat back brace installed. A single-piece non-FIA rated seat may be used in conjunction with a seatback brace as long as it is not a “fabric-over-tubing” style of seat.
Misc: A scatter is required when running a non-stock flywheel. Windshields must be either safety glass or Lexan® (polycarbonate). Catch tanks must be installed. on open radiator and oil breather systems.

 Personal Safety Requirements

Safety Helmet: Snell SA2010 rated full coverage helmet is required. If you have long hair or facial hair, you must wear an SFI 3.3 rated head sock.
Head & Neck Restraint: A head and neck restraint satisfying SFI Specification 38.1 is required. Eye Protection: Helmet face shield or safety glasses (sun glasses are OK).
Clothing: A full driving suit (one piece is recommended) which satisfies, at a minimum, either the SFI 3.2A/5 or FIA 8886-2000 specifications is required. Alternatively, SFI 3.2A/1 (or /3) outer garments combined with SFI 3.3 rated long underwear are acceptable.
Gloves: SFI 3.3/5 rated gloves.
Shoes: SFI 3.3/5 rated shoes plus SFI 3.3 rated socks.
Recommendations: External electrical cutoff switches, fuel cells, proper racing seat, full roll cages, helmet support and a fire system are all recommended. It is also recommended that drain plugs and oil filters be safety wired.