Intermediate Run Group

 Drivers Who Belongs Here

This group is for drivers with about 10 to 20 track days experience and who are comfortable driving on the track.

 On-Track Procedures

Passing is allowed anywhere but only with a point-by. If the driver being overtaken is not comfortable with someone passing at some point on the track, he/she should not give a point-by at that point. They should, however, try to give a point-by as soon as they are comfortable doing so. A driver who is overtaking another car shall not pass unless they get a point-by and they may elect not to pass in the event they get a point-by and are not comfortable with the situation. This kind of passing environment requires drivers to work together if they want to have a pleasant track experience.

Lap times will be provide to anyone who has a working transponder in their car. If they run in the "official" timed session(s) for the event they will be included in the time trial results. This assumes that they have a working transponder in their car. Cars without transponders will be considered "run for fun" entries.

 Vehicle Safety Equipment

Driver Restraint: Factory seat belts (3-point minimum) in good condition are acceptable in 2000 and newercars and in cars which have not been "Modified". If the car falls under our "Modified" definition, an SFI 16.1 or, FIA 8853/98 or 8854/98 (with homologation numbers C-xxx.T98 or D-xxx.T98) rated driver restraint system is required. These are all 5- or 6-point harness systems. They must be mounted according to the manufacturer's specifications. The restraint system must be current and in good condition.
Roll Bars: Open cars (convertibles) must be equipped with rollover protection. Factory rollover protection or aftermarket roll bars are acceptable as long as they pass the " Broomstick Test". If factroy rollover protection is built into the top, it must be in place while the car is on track. Also, aftermarket bars must incorporate a structural cross brace.
Fire Extinguisher: A 2.5 lb BC automotive fire extinguisher mounted within reach of the driver is recommended.
Misc: A scatter shield is required when running a non-stock flywheel. Windshields must be either safety glass or Lexan® (polycarbonate).

 Personal Safety Equipment

Safety Helmet: Snell SA2010/M2010 (or newer) approved. Snell SA rated helmets are highly recommended. DOT rated helmets are not acceptable.
Eye Protection: Helmet face shield or glasses (sun glasses are OK).
Clothing: Non-synthetic/natural fiber clothing, long sleeves, long pants (no shorts, no dresses).
Clothing made from fire retardant material is highly recommended.
Gloves: Made from natural fiber material (garden gloves is acceptable but fire retardant material is highly recommended.
Shoes: Full coverage shoes (no sandals)