1. Read through the various pages on this web site to determine which Run Group you want to/should be in and what Classification your car you car should have (you won't need to deal with classification for DE/Solo Group).

2. Go on-line with to register for an event. If you don't have a direct link to the event, search for AROSC events. Fill in the requested information to the best of your ability. If your car needs to be classified and you can't figure it out, we can take care of it at the track but you will need to request help with it once you get there.

3. Get your car and personal safety equipment checked and the Tech Form completed.

4. Get to the track early so you will have time to unload and ready your car. Bring you completed and signed Tech Form to the "at track" registration. There, you will be provided with a car number, run group sticker and a schedule.

5. You will need to place car numbers on each side of your car. These are for safety purposes so please make sure they are at least 8 inches tall and do not blend in with your paint scheme. Novice drivers, i.e., those without an AROSC Time Trial License (for TT) or AROSC Race License (for Race), must place an X on the back of their car. This is also for safety purposes.

6. There is a Mandatory Drivers Meeting at 7:30 AM both days. All drivers must attend both meetings. During the Drivers Meeting, we will go over any specifics for this events including passing zones and flag procedures, and we will answer any questions which may come up.

7. We try very hard to be on track by 8:00 AM.

Please note: Fees for admission at the track gate are not included in our entry fee. Also, we do not cancel due to rain. If the weather looks marginal, bring rain protection.